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Thanksgiving Table Setting Inspiration: DIY Kraft Table Runner

ThanksgivingTableI got a jump start on my Thanksgiving table setting this afternoon and pulled together all of the bits and pieces I had posted about earlier. I love the softness of the white pumpkins, touches of the gold wishbones and acorns, and then a little depth of color from the figs I pillaged from our sleepy garden. Of course I had to add a few printable items in there too. Gratitude and name cards are all the occasion calls for. Hopefully writing down what we are thankful for ahead of time instead of on the spot, we will be more creative. Of course we are all thankful for loved ones and health – that goes without saying – but cozy slippers and that perfect cup of coffee in the morning are not to be forgotten!

I’m all about an elegant table, but I don’t like things to get too fussy either, so the addition of the kraft table runner with the hand drawn white marker “chargers” finished everything off perfectly. After everyone is seated I will let the kiddos have fun and draw all over the table…the distraction gives us big people a little more time to enjoy the annual feast!

Thanksgiving Feather Name Cards: Freebie

IMG_3342Thanksgiving is just a few days away!! Yikes! I need to be in full planning mode now. To help you out with your table scape, here are the feather name cards I mentioned last week. Print them out for free and you can either lay them flat (cut top off at fold) or write on them. I attempted some calligraphy…not my strongest suite, but it’s fun to try new things.

Also, make sure to print out the free matching gratitude cards as well 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to start a mini set-up of my table and I am going to try my hand with some kraft paper down the table and some white marker decoration…let’s hope it turns out. If it does, I will post pictures 🙂


3D Printing – Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

WishbonePlaceSettingMy husband recently bought a 3D printer…not for any particular reason (that I know of), other than it’s cool and novel, and he is a sucker for anything new and curious in the tech world. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the whole concept because anything you can dream up, you can print. Say wha?!

He’s been printing little trinket things like a crazy, some cool, some not so much. But then he printed a little turkey place card holder for thanksgiving…it looked like a mini raw turkey, but it got me to thinking…what about some wishbones for the thanksgiving table?! Ask and you shall receive 10 little wishbones that he then painted gold for me. Kind of cool, huh? Anyway, I was playing around with my place setting this afternoon. I still have some revisions to make (boxwood sprig may be swapped out for some feathers), but my general concept is coming together.

I just love this time of year for the idea of gathering with family, eating warm comforting foods, and for the sentiments of the season!

Come back in a day or so for some free printable feather design name cards that match the gratitude cards I posted earlier this week…bonus! Also, early next week I am going have my Thanksgiving table scape put together for some easy, modern, yet rustic ideas.