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Scorpio Birthday Card – Free Printable!

Hi There, It’s only month two of my commitment to create and offer a monthly zodiac birthday card and I am already struggling to keep my word {Insert flushed face here}. BUT! I made it with only missing a few days of the Scorpio month. In my “trying to keep up with life” world, I call that on time! Disclaimer here: I apologize for the “meh” photo. The sun is shining something crazy in my usual photo spot. Oddly, you would think that makes for a great photo, but it doesn’t. A nice overcast day is the best for those needing a “natural” photo booth 🙂

The school year started by storm with soccer, homework, school events and field trips, conferences, etc., etc. And every year I think I am going to have all of this time to sit at my computer to create and add more to my Frella Etsy store, (There’s a new super cute fall recipe card available!) but it never happens. I do add a few things here and there, but what I really want to do is grow and expand my little shop in to something bigger. Faster. That said, my husband and I are do-it yourselfers and would rather do everything ourselves before paying someone to take care of something for us. More or less because we have the mindset that if it’s easy enough to do yourself and our parents did it, then we should too. No house cleaners, nanny, gardeners or repair man for this household! How do all you boss women do it?  I am truly in awe of how some of you have your St*…uff together and get so much accomplished. There has to be a sacrifice somewhere, right?

I digress now! Back to the purpose of this post. If you have a Scorpio in your life that requires some birthday wishes, you can download and print this little number for free! Just click here for the download!! Happy Fall Y’all!