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Hello Again…and Thanksgiving Freebie


gratitude cards

I’ve put on my blogging boots again after a six year hiatus while my girls were little. My oldest is now in first grade and my younger little spit fire is in preschool still, but next year she is in kindergarten…yahoo! As I am writing at this very moment, she is yelling at her sister in the background about fairness…she is the queen of “UN”fairness and playing to her big sis’s emotions to get what she wants. I’ve loved every moment of it, the good AND the bad, but serenity now!!!

OK – I need to focus here…(full time school next year, full time school next year…).

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house after taking several years break, so my creative juices have been flowing on how I want to dress the table. I can’t help myself but to include a few printables to the mix, so I created these subtle gratitude/thankful cards to display either at the table or hanging elsewhere maybe on a branch or something. I love the tradition of everyone going around the table and saying what they are thankful for at the moment…and following recent tragedies, we are all thankful for something, whether it be big or small! To kick off my blog debut (again), I have included a free printable for your Thanksgiving table.

And come back soon for some coordinating name cards!

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In the next few weeks I will be adding loads of stuff from my Instagram and Etsy, so please come back and visit for design, decor and food ideas. I will be sharing recipes, and freebies regularily!! Hope to see you soon and often!