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Etsy Greeting Card…and Let the Holiday Season Begin!

IMG_3433The Christmas season is now official with Thanksgiving under wraps. Our feasting day was wonderful, but I am personally excited to be in full holiday mode! The house is decorated, tree is trimmed and now it’s time to start thinking Christmas cards (oiye!).

If you need a quick greeting and no time to go to the store, I just posted this cute little number on my Etsy site as an instant download. Click, print, and mail!

Also, here are a few pics of our Christmas tree hunting excursion. It was a fabulous day in the northwest and was one of my favorite times we’ve had thus far picking out our tree. But you can see my little peeps were having a stand-off with Santa They wanted that candy cane, but didn’t want to talk to him 🙂



Two little reindeer peering through the woods! Can you believe the light that was shining through? It almost looks as if I Photoshopped them in, but this is oh na-tur-al!

Merry Christmas, Eh?



I was struggling in coming up with a new Christmas invitation design over the last several weeks and so I was thinking while in the shower – yes, that deep thinking shower scenerio 😉 I’m Canadian by birth right, and while I have essentially grown up American, I still feel my roots there and get comfort in knowing I’m from there. And when I come across a fellow Canadian, there is always something familiar about them.

So back to my thought process…while in the shower, I was trying to come up with something different, because Lord knows there are a million templates for everything and anything out there these days. So I asked myself what makes me unique from my friends…and…well…I’m Canadian. And who doesn’t love some of their quirky words they use?! Within the next few hours, I came up with this bad boy, and I have to say, I am quite taken with it. You can find it in my Etsy Shop and other coordinating items that I will be posting about soon! Eh?